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Exciting acquisition & addition to the Agrifood business

Effective from 2nd December 2019, the Niche Food Microbiology testing business has been sold to Agrifood Technology, a division of AWTA Ltd.  

Agrifood Technology will continue to conduct current Niche Food Micro testing and existing services from the 99 Muriel Avenue, Moorooka QLD based laboratory.

This exciting acquisition allows QLD clients to benefit from Agrifood’s extensive range of laboratory services - such as mycotoxins, allergens, pesticide residues, nutritional testing, chemical and microbiological analysis etc.

To find the full scope of testing we offer and locations of our Australia wide laboratories - contact us below or see our website.

Agrifood’s website:

Importantly, there will be no interruption to testing, with current employees being retained to maintain the relationship with Niche Food Micro clients and will be integral in the transition to Agrifood Technology.

Should you require further clarification on how the transition will take place or the Agrifood Technology acquisition, please contact Doreen or Natalia below for further clarification.

Natalia Rosso                                                                    Doreen Fernandez

Client Services Coordinator                                                Divisional Manager

Agrifood Technology - QLD                                                 Agrifood Technology

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