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Milling Services

Milling Services

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The high milling quality of Australian wheat assures its value on the world market. Being able to provide customers with information as to the suitability of this wheat to particular processing techniques and end products is of immense value.

Supplementing the grain quality information Agrifood Technology is able to provide, our laboratory can complete the quality profile by conducting analysis on flour and dough characteristics. Agrifood Technology offers an in depth look at milling yield, compositional breakdown of flours and strength of doughs.

Our customers are then able to determine the suitability of their grain to particular end products. Flour is produced and extraction rates determined in controlled conditions using Buhler pilot mills. Follow on tests include:

  • Farinograph
  • Alveograph
  • Extensograph
  • Amylograph
  • Kent Jones & Minolta colour
  • Starch damage

Do you have the perfect grain to meet your requirements?

If your buyer wants white wheat to make udon noodles, you need to make sure you are selling the right blend of white wheat. Colour tests are just the beginning. Agrifood Technology tests all the key attributes of your grain and grain products to determine quality, milling yield, flour composition and dough strength. This will provide you with information to determine the suitability of grain for a particular end-product or a particular processing technique.