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Nutritional & Water Testing

Agrifood Technology WA offers an extensive range of agro-nutritional services.

These include analysis of:

  • Water
  • Soil
  • Plant Tissue
  • Fertilisers
  • Lime (Dolomite)

Why Do I Need My Water Tested?

In Perth, there are a number of aquifers, allowing both residential and commercial bores to be dug to access this ground water. Due to the requirement to have bore water tested, some of Agrifood Technology’s main customers for water analysis are bore drillers and irrigation specialists who require analysis on both new and existing bore water.

As bore water is often high in iron and calcium and/or salinity, water analysis ensures that the bore water can be used efficiently to water plants, trees and lawns.

Agrifood Technology also offers a water monitoring service for a number of local councils and private sporting organisations (golf courses etc). This monitoring service provides analysis of water quality at designated times throughout the year (e.g. quarterly). Our staff are able to take the water samples, conduct the analysis and provide a comprehensive report, including recommendations.

Agrifood Technology also provides services to a number of horticulturalists who require a holistic analysis service, investigating the nutritional profile of their soil, irrigation water, fertiliser and plant tissue.

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Guidelines for collection and submission of water samples