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Pesticide Residue and Allergen Testing

Agrifood Technology specialises in a variety of food safety testing options, including pesticide residue testing, mycotoxin analysis, virus testing and microbiological analysis.

Whether you’re a farmer, a baker or another kind of food manufacturer, we can help determine if your products meet Australia’s food safety regulations. With three locations, we provide services to growers and manufacturers across the country.

Importance of Food Safety Testing

In order to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, all manufacturers and growers must ensure that their food products do not exceed the maximum allowed amount of contaminants, whether chemical or natural (for example, pesticides or fungi, respectively). To ensure that your products meet these standards, it’s important to have your produce and food products tested.

Agrifood Technology offers a range of food safety tests to ensure that your products adhere to regulatory systems such as those set by the Safe Quality Foods Institute and Wheat Quality Australia.

To learn more about our food safety testing services or schedule an appointment, fill out our contact form or call one of our laboratories:

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  • Fremantle, WA: +61 (08) 9418 5333
  • Moorooka, QLD: +61 (07) 3107 9928

For more information about the varieties of food safety testing we perform, check out the information below.

Shelf Life Testing

Shelf life testing is to determine whether the product is still within the timeframe of being acceptable to consume or sold in retail. It is recommended to validate the product shelf life prior selling as food can deteriorate over time. Products can also be tested at the end of shelf life to ensure that your product has passed its shelf life and still within the safe limits, even though the sensory quality may have been affected.
Agrifood Technology offers shelf life testing where we can accommodate your own in-house protocol or provide you with a customised testing protocol.

Shelf life testing assists food manufacturers to comply with statutory or commercial requirements by verifying that products display the appropriate “use by” and/or “best before” date(s). 

Before we begun testing or accept samples, please contact one of our customer service team members for a shelf life questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide our senior microbiologist with an in-depth knowledge of your product and enable us to propose a customised protocol. 

Custom protocols include: Storage temperature, list of recommended tests, basic sensory and time points. Our shelf life protocols are flexible, where we can work with our customers to make changes and update as needed to meet our client requirements.

Download brochure:

Shelf Life Testing Brochure

Pesticide Residue Testing

 At Agrifood Technology, we understand the importance of food safety and we have the latest technologies and methods to perform pesticide residue testing and ensure that your food products are safe for consumption.

Food that has received pesticide residue testing in VIC

We test for a wide variety of contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, fumigants, and heavy metals, this list is constantly updated as per the Australian Food standard requirements. Our team of scientist analyse and review the tests and all MRL violations are retested so you can rest assured of the accuracy of our services.

Routine pesticide residue testing can help you meet local regulatory requirements and provide your customers with the highest quality products. Whether you need to test animal feed or fresh produce, we have effective solutions to meet your needs. For prompt and reliable results, reach out to our team today.


Microbiological Analysis

Microbiology Testing Brochure

Agrifood Technology can conduct microbiological analysis including pathogen testing to determine food product hygiene using traditional test methods. Tests on food, feed and water include:

  • Coliforms
  • E.coli
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella
  • Yeasts and Mould
  • Coagulase positive Staphylococcus
  • Standard Plate Count

Allergen Testing

Agrifood Technology provides allergen testing to manufacturers to determine whether you meet quality and regulatory guidelines. With our efficient and accurate tests, you can properly label products and keep your customers healthy.

We test for all the common allergens including gluten, peanuts, egg, dairy, and soy. We also have the capability to test for more than 24 allergens, and we can help make sure that your processes are safe. Our allergens are all based on the latest ELISA techniques and we take a customer-centric approach, which means you can count on us to be thorough and offer short turnaround times.

Undeclared allergens form the largest group of food recalls in Australia, with over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and equipment to verify that your materials, processes, and products meet specifications. We offer tailored testing services to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Ensure the quality of your products with allergen testing from Agrifood Technology. We are proud to offer superior customer service and competitive prices, so contact us for a quote. Learn more about our other food testing services and make sure your products meet local standards.


Mycotoxin Analysis

GrainsMycotoxins are chemicals produced by the growth of moulds and fungi on agricultural crops and a variety of food and livestock feed products, due to poor harvesting conditions and/or improper storage. Their presence poses a serious threat to the health of consumers.

Agrifood Technology's mycotoxin testing service for the grain, food, feed and seed industries ensures your products pose minimal health risks.

Agrifood Technology's mycotoxin testing portfolio includes analysis for the presence of:

  • Aflatoxins
  • Patulin
  • Citrinin
  • Corynetoxin
  • Deoxynivalenol
  • Fumonisin
  • Nivalenol
  • Ochratoxin
  • Phomopsin

  • T2-toxin

  • Zearalenone

Virus Testing

In response to industry concerns, Agrifood Technology has developed a capability to conduct virus testing on various seed products. Having seed analysed for viruses prior to sowing is of particular concern this season. Agrifood can conduct testing for:

  • CMV
  • AMV

Please feel free to contact Agrifood to discuss these testing requirements further.