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Grain Quality

Flour Quality Testing Services

If you are using any quantity of grain in your food or feed product, you need to know the quality. Agrifood Technology gives you a complete grain profile - a total grain quality assessment - so that you have the detailed information you need to make those all-important decisions about your end-products.

Using rigorous scientifically proven methodologies and quality control procedures with fast turnaround times, in a fully independent laboratory, Agrifood Technology uses the latest techniques in physical and chemical testing to determine your grain's key attributes and suitability for specific end-users.

There's simply no other laboratory that has our capabilities, expertise - and track record. Agrifood Technology has over 20 years of expertise in testing for the grains industry and is the major provider of testing services to Australia's multi-billion dollar wheat market.

Why would you trust anyone but the leader in grain quality analytical solutions?

Grain Quality Testing

Grain before flour quality testing

The tests Agrifood Technology provides for grain quality assessment include:

  • Admixture
  • Ash
  • Falling number
  • Foreign material
  • Kernel weights
  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Screenings
  • Test weight
  • US dockage
  • Visual assessment
  • Wet gluten

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Agrifood Technology has the capability to conduct Germination testing on grains. This is a critical assessment of your grain prior to sowing of the new season's crop.

Every year Agrifood Technology conducts an average of 124,000 tests on 25,000 samples.

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