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End Product Assessment

Agrifood Technology's Product baking and noodle assessment services are invaluable in fine-tuning formulations and manufacturing processes. The work conducted by our highly skilled staff can provide your company with vital advice on improving product quality, nutritional value and processing techniques, thus allowing you to increase consumer satisfaction, streamline techniques and significantly reduce your processing costs.

The laboratory offers a range of services that include:

  • assessment of the suitability of flour for particular end products
  • analysis of the composition of flour and the effect components have on end product quality and processing
  • the effect additives may have on end product quality
  • additives which increase nutritional or processing characteristics
  • development of new products

Agrifood Technology's End Product laboratory has been conducting analysis of wheat products for over 10 years. Over that time, our laboratory has developed market driven and comprehensive end product assessment on a large range of products.

Our laboratory has a fully equipped test kitchen where new products can be produced and evaluated. Additionally, all research is fully supported by our grain quality and flour and dough rheology testing and as such, supporting data required to design and carry out experiments can be conducted rapidly and efficiently.