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Rapid Yeast & Mould Testing - Now available in our WA lab

Agrifood Technology WA is pleased to advise that it is now able to offer rapid Yeast and Mould analysis on a variety of products using Petrifilm technology.

Following rigorous method verification studies, our WA laboratory obtained NATA accreditation for Yeast and Mould method based on AOAC official Method 2014.05 (Enumeration of Yeast and Mould in Food - 3MPetrifilm Yeast and Mould Count Plates).

The advantage of this method is the rapid turnaround time, where results are available within 48 hours - as opposed to 5-7 days using the traditional spread plate method.

The following food groups/products are covered under this scope of accreditation:


Cereal products


Meat & meat products

All dairy products

All seafood

Dehydrated foods


Eggs & egg products

Frozen foods

Frozen prepared meals

Fruit and fruit products

Herbs & spices

Mixed foods

Non-frozen prepared meals

Nuts & nut products

Poultry & poultry products

Powdered beverages


Vegetables & vegetable products

For more information:

Please contact our friendly staff on (08) 9418 5333 or [email protected]