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Fluoride Testing in Infant Health Formula

Dental fluorosis is the staining of teeth beyond optimal levels of fluoride while a child's teeth are developing. This occurs when excess fluoride interferes with the formation of the enamel resulting in white patches or line over the surface of the tooth. Sources of fluoride are mainly found from water fluoridation, toothpaste and various food sources.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Food Safety, and in support of the Local Health Authorities Analytical Committee (LHAAC), Agrifood Technology is involved in a program testing Infant Health Formula (IHF) and water sources for fluoride content in Western Australia.

To ensure that developing teeth are not subjected to high levels of fluoride, Agrifood Technology will be testing a variety of water samples, main/tap and bottled water, as well as a large cross section of IHF that can be purchased from supermarkets and pharmacies. Agrifood Technology will be using a selection of innovative techniques to ensure that accurate results are obtained in both types of samples, reporting the results to LHAAC.


For more information on this service please contact Agrifood Technology on (08) 9418 0255 or [email protected]