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New Service – Product Inspection

Agrifood offers Product Inspection as well as Testing Services

In addition to regular microbiological, pesticide residue and nutritional panel testing, Agrifood Technology has extended its service range to include imported frozen product inspection for one of its country Victoria based clients.

Frozen produce is imported through the Melbourne docks and transported to our client's manufacturing plant. Prior to transportation it is important to ensure the imported produce meets specifications and is in good condition before leaving Melbourne.

Training & Service Benefits

Agrifood Technology staff have been trained in the quality specifications and signs of potential transit problems for the frozen produce and attend the cold store in Melbourne to inspect the shipment. Data loggers used in transport during shipping are reviewed and the produce is inspected to ensure optimum conditions of transit have been maintained.  Quality of the produce is also inspected in terms of degree of icing, size, shape, colour, flavour and aroma to ensure the produce meets the required specifications.

Inspections and reports are provided in a timely manner to ensure swift and efficient flow of supply to our client. This service has already identified issues and provided valuable feedback on quality and transit issues.

Contact Us

For further information on this type of service contact Robert Rantino on (03) 9742 0596 or [email protected]