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Quality of Drought Feeds

Drought conditions can cause a lot of heartache for farmers trying to maintain their livestock. 

Where de-stocking is not an economic option, the search is on to find sources of fodder to maintain stock condition and value. Agricultural by-products such as header trash and damaged crops that would not normally be utilised for stockfeed are scrutinised and used as supplements for their feed value. 

Buyers need to be aware of the history and quality of these fodders especially when they are transported from distant regions or unknown farms. Recent media attention in drought areas has been focussed on the need for vendor declarations on the chemical status of the fodders. 

Do you have a problem?

  • Have there been chemicals used on crop stubble that has been harvested for drought relief? 
  • Have chemicals been used at the correct application rates for the appropriate crop?
  • Have the withholding times for the chemicals used been observed before harvesting?

If a declaration is not available and there is serious doubt over the chemical history of a fodder, it is wise get the fodder tested.


How can we help?

FeedTest – Agrifood Technology can test hay and fodder samples for chemical residues quickly and cost-effectively.  If there is concern over a particular chemical, we can target it specifically to contain testing costs.  Otherwise, we can screen for over 200 chemicals to ensure your fodder is clean and safe to feed out. 

Further Assistance

For further information on the various chemical residue packages on offer, contact FeedTest on 1300 655 474 or via email at [email protected]