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Fodder Season - Update November 2014

Early severe frosts in Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales, coupled with very dry parts of North West Victoria has resulted in some grain crops cut for silage and some fodder crops not cut at all. 

Despite this, the season has started extremely well with very high proteins, low fibres and high energies on most early cut hays and silages. The season is certainly early this year, mostly due to the lack of rain and frost salvage.

As Spring really takes over, the weather has become more variable - making the hay yield tricky and quality levels have dropped back to normally expected levels. Cereal proteins are back to 6-7% and fibres are creeping up to normal levels. 

Due to the early frost and secondary tillering there may be more feed grain avaliable so fodder prices may fluctuate significantly.  All the more reason to test to ensure you get what you pay for and the quality of the hay is confirmed.

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