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Wheat Harvest Report - 2014/15

The 2014 wheat harvest has come and gone for another year.

The crop size appears to be smaller than previous years due to unfavourable conditions on the east coast of Australia and the tonnage is very comparable to the long term average crop size. Previous seasons have seen crop sizes of 29 million tonne and 24 million tonne crop is now spoken in terms of being small. This is a significant shift from the 10 million tonne crop we experienced in 2006.

The quality testing for this year's harvest has run very smoothly at Agrifood Technology, with minimal quality issues to negotiate. Our experience shows testing is definitely higher in wetter seasons due to the possible prevalence of mycotoxins and low falling number wheat, although this seasons has been quite the opposite. Favourable weather conditions at harvest has nullified any of these testing requirements.

Agrifood Technology has been conducting testing of the Australian Wheat crop for many years to determine the quality for the export market. Our staff are highly experienced and you can be assured that our testing meets the international standards expected by our international customers.

It's not too late, if you are still thinking about testing the quality of your samples - please give us a call or send an email and one of our highly qualified technical staff will be happy to assist in meeting your testing requirements.


For more information on this service contact us on 1800 801 312 or [email protected]