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CNCPS Testing - FeedTest New Service Offering

New Service offered by FeedTest for CPM Nutritionists - FeedTest is proud to announce the introduction of a new service for dairy nutrition and the CPM Model from the United States.

In collaboration with Dairyland Laboratories Incorporated, FeedTest are measuring pastures, hays and silages in Australia and providing the latest CNCPS Version 6.5 results.

Fast, accurate and reliable service you expect from FeedTest can now provide CNCPS tests for your dairy operation

Buying fodder on FeedTest results can be supplemented by CNCPS results to predict production or formulate diets.

Potential marketing of your fodder can be extended by offering FeedTest and Dairyland results.


  • A major advantage of our service and collaboration with Dairyland Laboratories is that you can now get the Dairyland results on existing FeedTest reports 
  • If you buy fodder on a FeedTest report you can provide the FeedTest Report number and we can issue the Dairyland results for your nutrition program often before you take delivery of the fodder
  • No extra samples or delay in testing is incurred

Contact FeedTest now:

On 1300 655 474 or email [email protected] for more details.