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Metabolisable Energy Testing for Feedlots

FeedTest provides Fodder testing to the standard Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) recommended formulas and methods.

Metabolisable Energy (ME) is estimated using the standard AFIA formula based on the Pepsin-Cellulase Digestibility Method and is outlined on all FeedTest reports. This method is industry accepted, AFIA endorsed and commonly used by dairy nutritionists and fodder suppliers throughout Australia.

However, a number of different formulas and methods are being trialled and adopted in different countries. Trade with these countries may require certain methods to be requested and reported. The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) is the quality assurance program covering Feedlots in Australia. Under the scheme, feedlots are independently audited each year to ensure compliance with animal welfare, environment, food safety and product integrity legislation. Recently an amendment was issued by NFAS to ensure consistent measurement of ME for compliance to standards both in Australia and the EU. This amendment specifies a formula for the measurement of ME which is different to the AFIA recommended ME. The NFAS ME is based on Crude Fibre and is a different method to the Pepsin-Cellulase method. To ensure compliance to the NFAS, the Crude Fibre method must be used.

FeedTest has developed a new test package to provide the correct ME required by NFAS for Feedlots. The package involves testing Crude Protein, Fat, Ash, Crude Fibre and the calculation of the NFAS required ME.

For further information visit Aus Meat or contact FeedTest directly for further test package details and pricing.

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