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Glyphosate Testing in Barley

With harvest now upon us here in Australia and the recent decision by the APVMA to issue a permit to allow minor use of AGVET product to control weed production in the barley crop, it is important to be guided by the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer and the APVMA on the product’s use.

A wet winter and early spring period has led to ideal weed growth conditions and controlling this is of great importance to farmers in enabling them to yield a high return for their crops. At the same time, achieving the highest segregation grade possible for their barley.

While Glyphosate does have an MRL for barley in Australia, it is important to remember that many export destinations do not approve the use of Glyphosate on certain crops. If you are aiming at the export market, it is vitally important you are aware of these restrictions. The improper use of Glyphosate and miss declarations can lead to severe market access issues for all Australian growers in the international market.

Testing for Glyphosate this season will be vitally important. As such, Agrifood Technology in our ongoing commitment to servicing the agricultural industry, has set up a dedicated Glyphosate testing program for this harvest period. This will ensure customers can receive their results in a shorter timeframe in order to assist the market.


If you do require Glyphosate testing please contact Agrifood either via phone on 1800 801 312 or send an enquiry via email to [email protected]